Hillary Waters Fayle is a Richmond, VA based artist that combines her expertise of fibers and textiles with leaves and plant material that she gathers around the city.
Handfull of love

And what is it to work with love?


The human hand is powerful and dichotomous, at once healing and harming, mending and maiming, creating and destroying. Our current position on this spectrum frightens me, and I feel that our connection to the very thing that sustains us is dissolving. We can do better, and my confidence in our ability to nurture the seeds of a more compassionate and thoughtful future impels me to make this work.


I want to salvage and revive our connection to the natural world.  I study rich hand craft traditions, using them in collaboration with found botanical and organic material.  In this way I symbolically bind nature and the human touch.  Both tender and ruthless, this intricate and sensitive work implies that our relationship to nature is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex.  

It is my hope to inspire a shifted perspective on the way we view the natural world; to explore and appreciate what is so often overlooked and to realize the potential for existence in balance with nature.